Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Those Special Moments

Last night Jonathan was very tired after Movieworld, and a little earlier than usual bedtime he grabbed daddy's hand and dragged him off upstairs... I wasn't sure what they were doing but Jono wanted him and Daddy was happy to go. I went up a few minutes later getting the other 2 ready for bed, and Jono and Daddy were both in Jono's bed snugging together. Not quite sure why, but Jono decided Daddy was to tuck him in.. it was very sweet.

Today Sarah and I were out driving, and she pipes up, "You know what I like about you Mummy?". I said "What?" She said, "When you tickle Jono". I asked "Why is that?", her response... "Coz it makes me happy". I love our kids.

I also wanted to share this with everyone, take a moment to check out these clips, and the comments... bring some tissues.

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  1. Wow . . I finally got to see the stuff on this link. I couldn't open it on my previous systems . . didn't know what I was missing. Very, very powerful, heart wrenching, . . and yet . . hopeful . . don't you think ?? There are similarities to Jono . . from 'normal'baby months, concerns growing by 2 years of age, compounding over 4 years, yet 'progress' now . .
    to what???
    These families seem to be expressing some light at the end of the tunnel . . let's hope we are in the same tunnel.