Friday, July 3, 2009

Clothes Optional

We've been getting on with the pool and it's really looking great, so pleased we are making it happen, and the kids are completely loving it... especially water / tactile boy who is constantly 'going swimming'.

So far, the concrete shell got made, and then we had a week of rain, so we've had a decent 'puddle' in the bottom of the pool for the kids to splash around in. As it's school holidays I bought a remote controlled tank that transformed into a boat of sorts, and can also spurt water at people (I pity the dogs).

I thought the boat thing would help the kids to play 'with' the water without getting 'in' the water... I was wrong.

Jono would go outside each morning, undo the temporary pool fencing, clamber on down into the pool and sit on the bottom dangling his legs in the puddle. Then he would through rocks and dirt and leaves and sticks in... then he started to take his clothes off.

One afternoon, we'd had workmen during the day fixing the pump and the pipes, they'd packed up and left for the day, or so I thought. I was in the kitchen fixing some food and from the corner of my eye I saw what looked like paper being thrown out of the pool, as I watched another piece got thrown. Being fairly sure the workmen had left I went out to check. The items I thought were paper were actually Jono's shirt and shorts, and he was knee deep in the pool. In the middle of Winter!

5 minutes later, his little sister throws abandon, caution and warmth to the wind and is in the water with him. I gave them both a few minutes, then dragged them into a warm shower to add some colour back into their cheeks.

Since then, he's been doing the same thing most days. I get the feeling he'll be the same when we actually fill the pool. Water babies!