Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autism means Literally...

I had forgotten how much Jonathan takes things literally, until recently.
I had asked him to change the TV volume, to number 40.

He jumped up quickly to fix it for me, and accidentally overshot, he ended up at 44. I told him this was fine, but no he had to lower the volume back to the number I had asked for, because that was 'right'.

Mind you, this is also a good source of humour.

The other day there were many rainbows around, and Jonathan asked if he could go to the rainbow.

I offhandedly replied, no we can't go to a rainbow, our eyes would go on fire and our heads would explode.

I didn't think much of this, and said it in jest... he took it literally.

After 10 minutes of giggling at the image he had conjured in his head, he asked again, "Can I go rainbow?"

This time the rest of the family picked up the response and played with him.

3 days later we lost interest in the rainbow, but the whole family enjoyed having something to interact and verbally play with Jono together.

This has now expanded to other things, he asks a silly, but genuine question... we respond with complete silliness and he collapses in a pile of giggles.

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