Friday, April 15, 2011

I Made It!

Today was the last day of school before we start the Easter holidays, Jono had a half day and Rob and I had a chance to go together to pick him up.

As soon as he got in the car he had one of his pieces of art he had done at school, and... he wanted to tell us about it.

The convo went along these lines.
Me: Jono, what's this?
Jono: I made it!
Me; What's this one
Jono: a Flower... on a Easter egg
Me: And what about this?
Jono: A chick!
Dad: Is it a dog?
Jono: (grin in voice) No Dad.

Too cute!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is this Daylight Savings?

Since daylight savings has finished here in New Zealand, we have noticed some distinct advantages, and some disadvantages.

The sun is now actually up in the mornings, instead of waking up to pitch black, which is a real plus, there is also some fantastic opportunities for moonlight photos...  :)

However, Jono has no idea that the time has changed... and as such, his body clock also hasn't changed.

Let's go through a typical morning.

6:30am - Alarm goes off
6:31am - Hit snooze
6:32am - Start dozing.
6:34am - Jono throws our bedroom door open, races in and deposits an animal on our bed.

If it's the dog, she races for our faces wagging her tail madly, while Jono pronounces "She so wiggalish!"

If it's a cat, they still come for the face demanding that we pat them / rescue them from the mad child that dragged them into the room.

After fending off whatever animal has arrived, and gaining full consciousness in moments,  Jono then asks loudly "Mum, can I watch TV?"

Now, we don't watch TV on a school day, so he is happy with that answer, but the whole sleep in opportunity has been destroyed... and he does this on a weekend as well!!!

I hope his body clock catches up to things soon, especially as we are about to be on holidays and a sleep in past 6:34am would be wonderful!