Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Art Week!

Well, that may be what Jono is thinking at least.

This week so far we have lost 2 bottles of shampoo and one of conditioner down the sink, a can of shave foam, a can of hairspray, 2 bottles of nailpolish (all over the polished timber floorboards) and had a dozen balloons blown up filled with water and thrown outside... unfortunately one came inside and went down the stairs causing a rather large puddle at the bottom - fortunately not near anything electrical.

So, I've given him a few exercise books and some textas and he's doing some amazing drawings, spaceships and planets and night sky and all that kind of thing... then he found one of his brothers paint sets.

Now behind the toilet door is a large picture on the wall, that takes up around half the wall is a painting of a 3 eyed alien, with hands and feet, and a moon crescent behind it.. it really looks amazing, and yes I took photos.... the funny thing is just last week I commented to my husband.. I'm going to get a large bucket of water and some gumption and clean 'all' the walls in the house soon, before I have to get to repainting... looks like I just may need to repaint sooner rather than later.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its 'almost' Christmas

Well.. getting close enough now anyways.
We've had a truly amazing year so far. After my last entry I got a 'job' painting Rob's work office building - 2 storys, just the inside. After 4 months of doing that it was time to start lokking for work, so I did up my resume, sent it out, got a phone call 20 minutes later, went to an interview 2 hours after that and started work the next day.

The great thing has been with this company I'm getting to do Graphic Design, which I am confident about, and I get to work school hours only. If I am running a little late due to 'stresses' they aren't concerned, and I have flexibility.. in fact last Friday morning I found out it was a student free day the following Monday, and they were great in giving me the time off to be able to take care of the kids (late notice to find someone).

So anyways, Jono this year.. is going great, his teacher is bringing him so much out of himself, he knows all the family by name and will call out for us... tonight a show came on that he knows his brother likes, so he sat calling out over and over.. Daniel, Daniel... Daniel was already busy watching the show that Jono had just abandoned (2 tvs = good and bad),

We've also had Jono in respite house this year, he goes from Friday arvo to Sunday arvo.. the first one, we took some time for Mummy and Daddy, the second weekend we took the other two out.. movies, dreamworld, iceskating, the things Jono doesn't cope quite so well with... and he went swiming and shopping and such.

We are also currently renovating, which means we've had bedroom walls pulled down in our room and proper ones up to the cieling in the cathedral ceiling area.. he's gotten into all kinds of mischief and I think I'll need to do a full house 'sweep' to see the things he's found and where he's put them.

All in good time, along with painting the walls of the reno's, clearing out the garden for summer, planning the outdoor landscaping, having bbq's and 'stuff'... there's always things to do :)