Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mobile Phones Cause Cancer...and Vaccines Inflame Autism

Ok... here we go, down the path of things I have choose to not take too much notice of because of the way people discuss it.

This week the World Health Organistion has admitted that phones cause cancer. Excessive use, of course, and they don't understand how it happens... but it's finally been admitted.

Last week I saw a video and chatted with Laura Colby on Twitter about the link between Vaccines and Autism.

I have somewhat refused to chat or research much about it as I know for a fact there is the genetic tendency for Autism within my family as there are many members through many generations who exhibit this.

But... I have never heard a doctor say that the brain of Autistic people can have Neural Inflammation caused by the ingredients in a vaccine.. or that we should test people for allergic reactions to the chemicals of the vaccines rather than blindly give them to everyone. Until this video.

See from around 2 minutes 30 seconds if you don't want to watch it all.

Finally the medical community is speaking out.

Did the vaccine cause my sons Autism, I still say no... but did it inflame the situation?... Well, that's a whole other question, which may never be answered in my lifetime.

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