Saturday, February 28, 2009

School shirt ON!

So we've been having a battle (again) with the school shirt. It is not the most comfortable fabric, and I've been letting him go to school with another shirt and they have been dressing him there. Last year that was ok, but next year he will be in what they term as middle school and... He just needs to move past it.

So we've had lots of 'no want it' and tears (from both of us) and he's been throwing the shirt away. It's been in the school rubbish bin, over the neighbours fence, out the car window and so forth. We compromised for a while and had him in a regular shirt with the school shirt on top and that was kind of ok until he moved classrooms and there was no air con, in Aussie summers 2 shirts+no air = sleepy child. So he's found it harder to settle in and be able to concentrate. We went to just the school shirt for a while, but that also had issues. Then his teacher suggested we get him singlets. Brilliant!

He chose what singlets to get, and loooves them, he spent the first week showing them off to his teachers (and everyone else) and is happy to put his school shirt on. Such a small thing can make such a big difference.

It reminds me of the advice I give to new parents. Whatever you do regularly, becomes a habit and what they expect, be it good or bad, if you're happy with what you are doing, continue, if not, change it early!

*Takes own advice to heart*

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today, I feel it

This weekend has been fairly big in a few ways, and today's not going that great so far... Bedsides the fact that it is Monday. We are working on Jono wearing his proper school shirt, and it was going ok last week, but today he's completely against it.

Back to the weekend though. On Friday I took the kids all shopping to get groceries at Coles to help the bushfire appeal. We walked past a games shop and Jono just wanted to stay and watch, I let him for a little while, then we needed to get going. I cajoled, demanded, dragged, insisted and ended up smacking him to try and get him moving past the shop. He dropped to the floor in tears, I realized we weren't getting anywhere so I stopped and hugged him till he calmed down enough for us to be able to move. 10 minutes later we were in Coles.

While there all three kids were being mischievous as the lines were so long and some old guy who doesn't know us from a bar of soap mutters under his breath, but loud enough for me to hear, something about smacking children. Thankyou random stranger for the input. Grrrrrr

Then we went to a new church on Sunday, and a few people 'noticed' the noise emanating from our corner, not pushy or nosy, and not many of them but on top of Friday, I felt it.

I started to think, we will never be 'accepted' as a family, we will always be people who are different. As a child I strove to be different, but on my terms... Being goofy, funny, silly... This is not on my terms and I don't like that.

So today, He can't wear the school shirt, I don't know why, He can't tell us what's wrong with it, and is totally overwhelmed about the whole idea of wearing it... Both of us.
Today, I'm feeling it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wait wait me coming drive!

Finally getting back into routine and last night Daniel and I headed out for ice skating. It's been around 3-4 months since we have been and we were looking forward to it. As we got dresssed and got the socks and shoes, Jono saw us and decided he wanted to come.
He went and got his shoes on then came into the front yard. After we came out the front he put his hand up to make us stand still then started pleading to come with us.
He HATES ice skating, or he did last time we tried, the room, the noise, the cold, it's all too much! So I had no problems saying no... But he didn't see it like I did. Rob came out the front and sat with him and tried to talk about him and Daddy would do something together.
So Daniel and I head out the gate to the car, and just after we open the doors we here him start crying... nothing too major, but he's obviously sad. We head off and have a great time, pretty much wore ourselves out. When we get back Rob told us it took Jono am hour to calm down, Rob hasn't seen him like that in a very, very long time!
In fact those kind of meltdowns happen only around once every 2-3 months now. Well do I remember the days when meltdowns were pretty much daily. It's kind of odd measuring progress by how often he gets upset, but I'm glad to see the progress happening. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

When No, Means No!!.. and Yes.. and...

Lately Jono is expressing himself with the word No. He is using it all all kinds of situations.

Are you hungry? No! Put some food in front of him and he will eat
Do you want to go for a drive? No! Tell him to get his shoes on and get ready and he gets into the car happily.
Pass me the drink/remote/phone..etc. No! Then he will hand it over.

I 'think' he is just testing boundaries a little, but it's really hard to tell.. it's hard enough to tell with the other two! Ah well, as long as he eats, wears clothes in public and gets in the car when we need to get going, it's all good.