Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, on our holiday

Which was a while ago now >.< Life gets busy :)

We drove the 1700km's to Cairns with all three kids in the car, and it was fun, we took 3 days up and 2 days back and stayed in hotels. It really was an adventure, we are just lucky that our kids enjoy traveling I think.

We stayed with Grandpa for about 8 days, all the kids piled in with us, and we drove each other nuts. Jonathan's lack of concern for special things was a minor stress to Grandpa, and the lack of things for the kids to do at his house was a minor stress to us. We did go out a lot, but Sarah still needed a daytime nap, so it took a bit of organization. I'm glad we drove up because then we had a car to drive around as we wanted.

We took all the kids to Kuranda, and decided to drive up as we thought they would cope better. On the way back Sarah and I rode the Skyrail, while Daddy took the boys on an army duck. Jono spent the entire trip with his hands over his ears for the noise, but seemed to enjoy himself.

We visited the Butterfly farm, and all the kids really enjoyed it, Jono was just prancing up and down the paths, while Daniel had a butterfly attach it self to his shirt for the entire tour. Then we also visited the Bird Sanctuary with these amazing Macaws that you could hand feed near the froont... these really grabbed Jono's attention, and he constantly wanted to feed them, even when they lost interest. It really was a wonderful time.

We visited quite a few play spaces while we were there, and the local Golden Arches saw us a bit. Once we moved into caravan parks we spent a lot of time in their playground and pool, as well as just chilling in front of the TV with the lego's. It really was just a great time away from home. We were also very glad to get back home at the end of it and have a little more space and 'routine'.

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