Saturday, July 21, 2007

Amazing outing

Like, pick my jaw up off the floor kind of amazing.

I took Jono and Sarah to the shops today.. I usually don't like going on a Saturday at all because of how busy it gets, and usually try and take only one of the kids.. so today I had two. Usually as well when we take Jono we 'lock' him in the seat on the trolley so we aren't chasing him down aisles and wondering where the heck he is the minute we turn our back.

Today, he sat in the seat for a few minutes, then decided he wanted to get out... I already had the fruit and wasn't planning a big shop so thought, ok... we'll walk and if it's causing too much stress, we can leave.. with or without paying for them, I can always come back later if need be.

He got out, and was simply amazing.. he walked near me (around 3 steps away) almost the entire time, and on the odd occasion where he went further away, he came back immediately when I called for him. Sarah was being a good lookout as well. He picked up a few extra things he wanted to have, and amazingly they were all gluten free.. but things I usually don't buy... so we got some different things this week.

The thing that amazed me.. is ... he walked. He didn't run, he didn't scream, he didn't check over his shoulder with a cheeky grin to see if I was chasing him, he just walked... happily and obediently. It was wonderful! I'm so encouraged by his behaviour and feel a lot more confident to do more with him :)

The other wonderful thing was as we left and went to the car, a lady followed us the whole way.. and I was with the: "this way, stop and wait, hold hands, watch for cars, stay close.. etc". And when we got to the car she said, " I want to congratulate you on the way you talk to your children." That was a really nice touch to a wonderful outing :)

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  1. Hi reading this gives me hope that one day my son will actually do this aswell! He is either locked in the trolley or in a too small stroller as he wont walk with me only wants to run fast in any direction he can go! I cant wait. Congratulations, I know that every little unexpected thing they do is truly a wonderful thing.