Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am the Beanbag KING!!

Well, the other night I took my oldest to Iceskating (which I get on the ice with him) and my hubby decided to read some of Harry Potter Book 7, which we have both enjoyed. We put Sarah and Jono to bed before we leave, about 7:30pm and Sarah's head touches the pillow and she's gone (as usual) but Jono settles into his prancing before sleep routine.

I get back around 9pm, and get Daniel to get ready for bed and check on Jono... I asked Rob if he had checked on him lately and Rob said not for about 20 minutes... and as I had just looked in his room, I asked him to come and check with me.

Jono has a bean bag in his room, its the standard shaped one, he's used it as a blanket, slept on it, read on it, and just basically enjoyed it. Tonight, there are beans aaaaalllllllll over the floor in his room, the beanbag is not actually empty tho, it still had at least 3/4 of the beans in it... and a child.

Jono had somehow opened the zipper, climbed in, somehow managed to close the zipper behind him and was standing upright inside the bag... still with lots of beans in it. He thought this was quite hilarious and was full of giggles... we thought he could choke or suffocate. We tipped him upside down, unzipped the bag and put a sweaty boy into the shower. We swept up as best we could, then took the beanbag out of his room. It hasn't gone back in.

The concept of danger seems to be so limited at times and I don't know if its purely a developmental thing or an Autistic thing. It was quite amusing to see a child standing INSIDE a beanbag giggling to himself... and no I didn't take pictures of that one as we were more concerned for his safety, though looking back it would have been funny too :)

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  1. Ohhhh . . I just love it. I read it giggling as much as Jono did. I understand the safety issues, my heart was in my mouth, but just the mental images of the upright beanbag full of giggles is gorgeous.