Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to School

Its been an interesting start to school this year.

Sarah's first year, and she is thrilled to pieces, Daniel's in grade 4 and 'over' school. Jono in grade 2 at special school, and it's a little different - classes, teachers etc, but still the same - same bus, same drivers, same assembly to start the school day.

In his first week - 2 days were great, then 2 days of tears... we 'think' he may have been tired. His second week was more settled, and this week he's going great.

The extra special thing about this year, he is actually looking at me when the bus pulls out, instead of in the air or at the trees. I've been able to wave goodbye and blow him kisses, and he gives me eye contact, and even blew a kiss back and waved.

I tell you, warm fuzzies all over the first day he did that :)

Today is his swimming day at school, and I got him to tell him, he gave me eye contact and listened well, and I told him - Today Swimming day, at School. So he reached out and gave me the biggest hug. I really wasn't expecting that kind of reaction, but I think it was his way of saying thank you.

He's an awesome boy.

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