Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Art Week!

Well, that may be what Jono is thinking at least.

This week so far we have lost 2 bottles of shampoo and one of conditioner down the sink, a can of shave foam, a can of hairspray, 2 bottles of nailpolish (all over the polished timber floorboards) and had a dozen balloons blown up filled with water and thrown outside... unfortunately one came inside and went down the stairs causing a rather large puddle at the bottom - fortunately not near anything electrical.

So, I've given him a few exercise books and some textas and he's doing some amazing drawings, spaceships and planets and night sky and all that kind of thing... then he found one of his brothers paint sets.

Now behind the toilet door is a large picture on the wall, that takes up around half the wall is a painting of a 3 eyed alien, with hands and feet, and a moon crescent behind it.. it really looks amazing, and yes I took photos.... the funny thing is just last week I commented to my husband.. I'm going to get a large bucket of water and some gumption and clean 'all' the walls in the house soon, before I have to get to repainting... looks like I just may need to repaint sooner rather than later.

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