Saturday, December 13, 2008

School's out... for... EVER!! Untill next year at least.

It's the end of school, and this week has had some very slow starts, Jono still had his late night escapades and wakes late in the mornings. He's decided he doesn't really want breakfast most days, and as he usually gets up somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes before we have to leave I've decided not to force the issue.

The big exciting news is that next year he gets the same teacher, which I am so completely thrilled about, with her he has grown soooo much, and it also means school will be familiar when he goes back. He is however getting a new classroom, I mean like a 'new' classrooom, they are building it over the school holidays! His teacher has been chatting with him about when he comes back he will go to a new room and it will be 'there', and she points to a grassy area, he seems to get it.

Looking back on the year (as we often do when things come to an 'end'), he has just grown so unbeilably much. We started the year on the school bus and without a school unform... somehow they always seemed to end up over the fence in the neighbours yard, to go through to not coping with the bus at all, to riding in the car with Mummy and wearing the uniform, to taking the uniform in a bag and changing at school.

He's learned to write this year, and he actually wrote Merry Christmas all by himself on the little end of year take home bag that he made for his parents. His counting is outstandingly better, his interest in words has grown again, and he can read small books, and his comprehension of his family and friends is much better. If something happens that he thinks his siblings will want to know about, he will actually call their name and walk around the house looking for them.

He has started being socially friendly as well, he will regularly call out 'hello' to random people on the street (good and bad), and on the last day of school we walked in past his classmates and he waved at them... like he recognizes them for people he knows, and realises he should do something in welcome to them... amazing!

So we have 6 weeks of holidays, we have some time away, in a caravan park with Grandma, we have Christmas, we have parties, we have day care on the days where Mummy and Daddy still have to work (oh summer as a kid, they just don't know how good it is), we have renovations to move on with, and who knows... we may just find some time to wash the alien off the wall in the toilet... we may even get someone to help with that one :)

School Holidays.. Woo!

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