Thursday, August 13, 2009

When I grow up....

Jono has been doing a great amount of drawing at night-time again. We leave him in his room at bed time, but are ok for him to wander around a bit and 'do' stuff, he often doesn't settle down for sleep until around 10:00pm or so, but he generally stays happy in his room, prancing, drawing building blocks and the occasional 'yelp' of joy.

So, lately he's been drawing a range of things that 'could' be what he wants to do with his life. over a few nights in succession.

He Loooooves cooking, and cooking shows, and the recent Masterchef series has been on a bit at home and he's seen a few shows. around 2-3 nights after the show finished he drew a picture from it... it took a few days to realise what he had drawn, but I asked him a lot of thinhs, finally coming to 'is it clothes?' and got an ecsatic yes. He drew the masterchef apron, with the symbol, and with someone's name on it.

The next night, he drew this...
His fascination with space continues, will he perhaps help building a new colony on another planet? Or maybe this is evidence of aliens building pyramids?

then the next night, he drew this... perhaps he simply wants to be a weatherman.
It's not raining at the top, but yes it's sunny in the middle, and it will be raining down south.

It's interesting to see all this coming out of his head in a way that makes sense to us as well as to him.

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