Friday, August 12, 2011

What's this word say?

Jono has recently developed a great interest in words... again.

He doesn't want to read books - they belong on the bookshelf, but he does want to know what words are.

We recently got Sky TV which allows us to record shows, live pause, rewind and so on. Jono figured this all out very quickly, and takes care of the controller for us all.

When there are ads on TV he constantly pauses it (as this is where the most words are) and asks... in a loud voice... "MUM... WHAT'S THIS SAY?"... I check the TV, read him the words, and then he lets the ad move forward... as soon as there are more words, he pauses again, and loudly requires my attention again.

Some of the words he knows himself and will tell them to me, he is growing agin in his learning and I am proud of him and his progress.

Gone are the days of wondering if he will speak, now we are simply wondering if he will start reading books happily without tearing them up :)

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