Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Today I found in Jonathan's school bag 3 pieces of paper with his name on them... one was tracing over dots in the right shape, the others freehand.. they were very child-like.. I'm not sure if he did them himself, or if he had someone holding his hand and directing him - I shall find out. [Edit: he had help to write them.. but he really understands that a 'J' with some scribble after it is how to write his name ]

But.. I showed them to him and praised him on writing his name.. he was well pleased.

I get amazed at times by his progression, it seems to 'normal' and at other times it seems so restricted. Some areas he functions exactly like any other boy or girl his age... and there are some kids in his class whose language is almost as restricted as his, yet have no special needs.

It's so hard to gauge just what he is learning and understanding.. at times it seems like he knows everything around him, he just doesn't want to tell us about it. Other times he is waaay in his own little world and its hard to break in... is he simply daydreaming...? I honestly couldn't tell you.

Oh, and this winter's big news.. he is actually staying under his doona, last winter it was not something he wanted and we just dressed him extra warm and hoped for the best.

With his often restless nights it seems to be getting harder and harder to get him out of bed now in the mornings... especially when the doona gets ripped off him, and he fumbles around for it then drags it back over his entire body like a cocoon.... toooo cute!

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