Monday, June 19, 2006

Water, water everywhere!

Jonathan has been getting much more into water play again athe moment... it's just a shame that its winter here and he has a chesty cough.

Anyways, he decided that the upper floor of our house needed a water feature... so proceeded to pour 2 litres of water onto the couch... it seeped through the couch, the floor boards, the lining... and through a light socket in the downstairs roof.

The waterfall was quite spectacular - albeit dangerous - and after a mad scurry for towels, and leaving the light off overnight, downstairs dried quite nicely. He was somewhat shocked when he came downstairs and saw it dripping through the lightsocket.

Yes, he did get a smack on that one, it's just too dangerous to have him doing that on a regular basis.

It's funny though, he just wanted to put some (read: a lot!) water on the couch... no idea of consequences... I don't know if he really understands now either... but the couch was in need of a clean anyways :)


  1. Uh oh !! how's the couch now ?? and has Jonathan made the connection between what he did upstairs and the water coming out of the ceiling downstairs, do you think ? Luv. Mum

  2. Karen, very rarely do one get to find a person who almost, always looks at the positive and brighter side of things.

    I just realized what a 'positive' person you are after reading this line from your post...:)))

    "I don't know if he really understands now either... but the couch was in need of a clean anyways :)"

    You are a great MOM! and Jonathan a wonderful kid!

    Take care.

  3. Just stopping by to say hello "Grab". This is Nagaya from Resurrection and I wanted to share with you that we too have an autistic son. He was diagnosed at 3 and will be 5 in Oct. The world has changed for us in many ways. I can certainly relate to how people see us as parents in public as they do not understand. I also understand the little guys playing with things which are dangerous. Keep your chin up. The one thing I have noticed is the never ending love these children have. That smile at the end of a long day is always waiting.

    If you ever feel the need to share, know I am there. :)