Friday, August 11, 2006

Come into my world

Today I took the boys to a playground near Jonathan's school, and it has a fantastic flying fox in it... I can vouch for it being fantastic as it can handle adults :)

So Daniel took first turn, and had about 4 goes, then I said it was Mummy's turn, so I had a few goes then called Jonathan over saying it was his turn. He had a few goes, then I said it was Daniel's turn again - so Jonathan, in sensory mode, goes to the middle of the path and waits for the flying fox to come careering at him so he can then fall down in a pile of jelly as soon as it touches him.

He loves doing this, if we have marbles or a powered toy car, he will go to the end of the hall and lay with his head on the floor waiting for you to throw it directly at him, giggling madly as he gets out of the way at the last minute.

So.. after Daniel had a few more turns, I said it was Jono's turn again, and Danile said that it was his turn to stand in the middle and wait for the flying fox to come at him and he would fall down. Jono loved this. Not only was his big brother sharing, but he was doing what Jono likes to do.

After a while they they went to the helicopter (that you climb into and have to pedal to make it turn), they couldn't get it working at first even though both had a go. Then Jono went elsewhere and Daniel managed to get it going... so he Called to Jono "Come, come"... Jono wasn't ready just yet and kept saying "No!". A little while longer and Jono did go to his brother, and climb all over the helicopter, when he was slipping Daniel held him and helped him up on top, then made the copter turn in circles with his brother sitting on top of it.

It was very special to see them really enjoying each other's company (tho they usually do) and more so that they were taking turns, and Daniel helping Jono, and being involved in the things that he likes, even if they do seem a little strange.

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