Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well there was a long weekend and we haven't gone away or done anything major as a family since Cairns... which was September, so we decided to take advantage of the extra day off and go to Movieworld.

It was a fantastic day out, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We started the day with Daniel and Daddy on the Spooky Rollercoaster, this may not have been the greatest idea, Daniel got off in absolute tears he was sooo scared by it all. While waiting Jono, Sarah and I played around on an old horse drawn cart, I sat up the front and Jono just wanted to sit on my legs, in the sun, and hold my hand... it was lovely.

The next ride was the wild west one.. all in a boat river ride, through some dark areas, some sections were backwards, and the end of it a long slide down into water... all 3 kids were crying on this one. During the ride Jono got very scared and wanted to get out, but he let me keep him in, and then put his head down on the bar in front and just screamed and cried. When it ended he was desperate to get off, and after we hit land he collapsed in a pile of tears on the ground... not angry, just... well.. terrified.

We stopped for a snack and gave everyone a chance to calm down then went to the kiddie rides. Sarah and Daniel were thrilled and I went with them on a ride, but Jono didn't like the idea at all.. he watched a slow, level train do it laps for a while, then we had Daniel and Sarah queue up for it. Once they got off, and seemed to be happy about the ride.. Jono was queuing at the gate.

He had a go on that, then a pirate ship style ride.. 3 times, then we went to see a show. We came back to the kiddie area, and Daniel had a go with Sarah and Daddy on the Rollercoaster. Daniel and I went to Lethal Weapon earlier, and I told him 'When you are scared, really scream loud and chase the fear away'... but we couldn't go on it coz he's not quite tall enough yet. So when he was on the kiddie coaster he remembered this and screamed his heart out... and LOVED it, he came off with such joy and wanted to go again. Sarah, was in another pile of tears, it was too scary for her.

After that I took Jono and Sarah on the train again and the pirate ship.. I let them ride by themselves on the ship, and Jono was a bit scared at first, but I made sure he could see me and he handled himself really well.

The last thing of the day was the Shrek show, Jono couldn't handle going in there.. and he did that very clearly every time something like that freaked him out, he just grabbed me or Daddy's hand and forcibly pushed in the other direction.. not desperate, just determined. So Jono and I went shopping on the main street while the others saw the show.

An amazing day, everyone really enjoyed themselves and we came home exhausted... school the next day was a bit of a challenge, mainly getting people out of bed. I think we may get a season pass for there for Christmas and go a few times, so we can go when it's not such a big day and take the time that suits us :)

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