Tuesday, June 12, 2007

School is a great success

Choosing for Jono to go to Special School was definitely something difficult, but it has well and truly paid off. We are still waiting for words to bloom, but he makes his intentions known better than before, and is picking up body language a little better.

He really enjoys himself there and has made a few friends... or at least he has peers who know his world. We've had one of the boys over for a play day with his Mum and Dad, Jono and his classmate didn't really play together very much, but it was great for us to see another child in similar circumstance and be able to speak to parents who understand.

We have been invited to a birthday party with one of the other boys this wekend, and that is something special as well.

I've had a couple of clashes with his teacher, but we've spoken about it more in depth and have a common ground now. She'll make a quick statement about a behavior that she sees as important to work on for his capacity for acceptance and social comprehension for both him and other people... I take it personally, thinking.. you're the teacher... teach.. but after talking it through I see where she is coming from and how we can work on it at home. It really is a 2 part process, if we are all walking on common ground it makes a difference.

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