Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Therapy

I was talking with my husband the other day about how little I've posted here on the blog this year, and said I started the whole thing for a little 'self-'therapy', a way to have an outlet for myself about what I was going through and how I was coping.

With how little I've posted this year, it looks like this year I'm coping!

It's been a long walk so far, 5 years since finding out and time of grieving, loss of dreams, loss of ability to do 'stuff' normal families do, restricted outings, shortened outings, not sitting down when going out type outings... seeing family and friends has been hard, not because he's 'naughty' but because he's curious, and tactile and has to explore, and feel and touch.

He's older and he's better now, he seems to have grown out of a lot of it... and I think we are just better adjusted to the lifestyle. I think Daniel and Sarah are coping a lot better now as well. They both offer to help him with different things and look out for him more.

A few weeks back we were in the city at a park, and Sarah was holding his hand as they walked along, directing him and watching over him. Just a few days ago we went to a local park, and the three of them took turns on the flying fox, Daniel kind of took charge and said whose turn it was next and made sure it was fair.

Yeah.. I think we've all grown this year, why 5 years to get to this stage? No cotton picking idea, but I'm very glad we've reached it :)

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