Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dog Poo is Funny!

Like real funny not just a small smirk out of the side of your mouth, or even a giggle, but the full belly laugh followed by spurts of giggles kind of funny... especially when the dog poo has been found inside the house.

First let me explain, we have 2 dogs, both are Jack Russel Terrier Crosses, and both are outside dogs. At least that's what we tell them around 15-20 times a day, every day... I'm starting to think the dogs are smarter than what we give them credit for.

Sometimes we see a dog poke it's head in the door, looking at us with its head crocked on the side as if to ask "How about now?" This quickly gets followed with an "OUTSIDE" by any family member. Other times we turn around to see the scuttle of dog claws and a tail as they finish running through the house from the front door to the back door, and then other times we have our daughter wake up crying saying their are pigs in her room and we find a dog under her bed... but that's another story.

So these outside dogs have left little presents for us from time to time, and usually in the middle of the hall, this week they left one in the middle of the lounge room floor as we were getting ready to go to school one morning. Jono was having issues with his School shirt and wasn't exactly watching were he was going, I had just seen the Poo and hadn't had the chance to clean it up yet and called out to Jono, "Watch out, Dog Poo, Yucky!". Magically the school shirt was no longer and issue and the "Yucky" was hilarious, the tears that had been their moments before had gone replaced by giggles, then all out laughter.

I had a new weapon!!

Now the reason that Dog Poo inside the house is funny, is simply that it is not meant to be there. One thing that I find is reasonably accurate of people with Autism is that they have a different way of viewing the world. If someone trips and falls down when they were walking, that's funny... not because they fell (and especially not if they hurt themselves) but because it's not meant to happen, people are not supposed to fall over, so when it happens, it's a funny thing to see. The same with dog poo inside the house, it's simply not meant to be there.

For the rest of the week, whenever he was getting sad or overwhelmed about something I would talk about the dog poo, and he would stop the tears, buck up and giggle... and then a few days later a bird did a poo on my car...

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