Saturday, February 28, 2009

School shirt ON!

So we've been having a battle (again) with the school shirt. It is not the most comfortable fabric, and I've been letting him go to school with another shirt and they have been dressing him there. Last year that was ok, but next year he will be in what they term as middle school and... He just needs to move past it.

So we've had lots of 'no want it' and tears (from both of us) and he's been throwing the shirt away. It's been in the school rubbish bin, over the neighbours fence, out the car window and so forth. We compromised for a while and had him in a regular shirt with the school shirt on top and that was kind of ok until he moved classrooms and there was no air con, in Aussie summers 2 shirts+no air = sleepy child. So he's found it harder to settle in and be able to concentrate. We went to just the school shirt for a while, but that also had issues. Then his teacher suggested we get him singlets. Brilliant!

He chose what singlets to get, and loooves them, he spent the first week showing them off to his teachers (and everyone else) and is happy to put his school shirt on. Such a small thing can make such a big difference.

It reminds me of the advice I give to new parents. Whatever you do regularly, becomes a habit and what they expect, be it good or bad, if you're happy with what you are doing, continue, if not, change it early!

*Takes own advice to heart*


  1. Ohhhh . . that is what the singlet thing is all about. Good on the the teacher for a great idea. And he does love them . . cute !!

  2. Yes they really have been a great help for him,. I think he's had 2 'episodes' of not wanting to wear it since we started with them, and the past few days we've been putting them on in the carpark.
    Who knew?
    It's great coming into winter too as he is wearing 2 layers already :)