Friday, July 14, 2006

School Holidays

Well, it's been a little while, we've been busy! Painting - brave or foolish.. 3 children, mutliple paint pots and brushes; crafting - making a dragon out of egg cartons; stuff around the house, and an overnight stay at a hotel.

Jonathan has had a bunch of foods he really shouldn't ... and is actually coping really really well with it.

When we went away overnight, we went to a hotel that was catered for kids... playrooms where you signed your kids in for activities and stuff (and a playgym and pedal go-karts) , outdoor play gear, and 5 heated swimming pools!! We actually went swimming in the middle of winter.

However, the highlight was Jonathan and the ocean. When we arrived the queue to book in was too long, so we went to the beach to go for a walk for a little bit. Jonathan tried soooooo hard not to go into the ocean (which just a few short years ago he was frighteened of)... but failed miserably after a while.

We saw some antics that inched him ever closer to the water... trials in the sand on his bottom, prancing, but the draw of the water was too much. One minute he was at the edge, the next a wave crashed over his legs wetting his shorts.. the next a small red jumper crashed down into the icy ocean.

He loved it, and froze to pieces in the cold cross breezes when we pulled him out again. We let his older brother go in as well, and amazingly neither of them got very sick from it. We stopped his little sister going in, and she got the sniffles for a week or so after.

I'm not sure what the big drawcard is about water play for him... not just swimming, but play.. he'd watch a tap turned on to a trickle for hours if we let him, and just watch it over his fingers, rocks, spoons, whatever is close handy. It must just be soothing to some extent, or maybe those cogs are going at 100 miles an hour figuring it all out. One day he may get around to telling us (says me - water baby from her youth... maybe I do have an affinty after all)

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