Sunday, July 23, 2006

All in the family

First, a little background of the location. Our church rents a hall, that is located next to some office space on the edge of inner city, on a very busy main road. In the past we have had Jono run straight at the road oblivious to traffic, and been able to catch him literally 1 foot away from the oncoming cars. We stopped taking him to church for about 6 months after that, as his comprehension and ability to stop when told wasn't great at that time.

He is much better at understanding and obeying now, he is older and comprehends much more, though streets are cars are still a big fascination.

Today.. he disappeared for a few moments (as he often does), so I looked in the usual spots. The boys toilets, the offices, checked the gate to outside... and couldn't find him anywhere. I grabbed my husband's arm and said firmly "Help Now" (at the time we were having lunch and his older brother was sitting acroos the table and saw my face). We found him.. UNDER a table in the other corner.

About 10 minutes later, his brother came up to me and simply said "I'm helping Mum". He then told me that he saw my face and how worried I was when I thought I'd lost Jonathan, and he wanted to help me to keep an eye on him so we don't lose him.

There are times I worry, what if I die young, who would take care of my children, and who would have a chance of understanding Jonathan's needs. Today I was shown that there really is small need to worry, because there is someone there who really tries to understand and cares. In thinking, his sister also spends a lot of effort in guiding and directing Jonathan. So really.. we will die one day, and it may be young... but he has people who will be his helpers, as best they can. *warm fuzzies*


  1. That's wonderful that your other little ones are so helpful. It is comforting to know that your child will be cared for after you're gone. That's one of my biggest concerns.
    I'm so glad you found him safe and sound :)
    My cousin, who is also Autistic (several cases in my family), ran off once at her birthday party. We found her down the road, and we were all very shaken up. It can be quite scary!

    You're raising some wonderful children there :)


  2. Karen, you have such beautiful children. :))). It's so heart warming to know that they care a lot for Jonathan. Please pass on our love to them and tell them that we all are very proud of them. :)).

  3. Thanks for your comments gang, I feel my circle of people who understand this part of my life is widening and I am encouraged :)

    Also Vidya, I'm not sure if you have added my blog to your links, but please feel free, I have visitied your site before when another member of your team found my blog.

  4. Mootilator (LBL)July 27, 2006 at 3:45 PM

    Dunno really what to say, I have little experience with autism except at an intellectual level.
    I have only one child, and my wife and myself sometimes struggle with her. You and your partner must truely be execptional people to manage all three.
    My thoughts are with you and hope that you always manage to hold those warm fuzzy moments close to your heart.

  5. Sure Karen. Will do it soon and keep you posted. :)). And thanks for visiting our site and our parenting blogs. :)).