Monday, July 17, 2006

Any response is a good response.

The other day Jonathan was in the backyard (his favourite place) and I needed to get him ready to go out, So I called for him, saying 'Jono come... time to go in the car', usually, I just call a few times until he starts coming to me to get ready to go, and he will often echo back 'come' or 'car'.

This time.. after a few calls.. he practicially yelled.. WHAT!!?!?!?!

I have never been so excited to hear a child talk back to me. I've told a few friends, and we all agreed, any other child would get some discusion about the right way to respond, for Jono, it was just exciting that he responded at all.


  1. WOW!!! This is really encouraging. :). I wish you more and more such exciting moments Karen.:))). My prayers for you, Jonathan and your family.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you get moments like that? Things other parents take for granted, or are even bothered by :)

    My three year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism, is MR, and is severely physically delayed (she can't walk, mainly due to the aversion to touching things with her hands and holding on to learn to stand).

    She's my princess, and each inchstone means so much :) I'm so glad you posted your blog. I'm sure I'll read it often!


  3. WOW Veiled... I Actually totally understand what you are saying about the aversion to holding things... Jono hasn't had that and is a mischief on legs - we have a 2 storey house, and when we first moved here one of his favourite places was the upstairs balcony... the OUTSIDE of the upstairs balcony, dangling over the cement below. But some things he just can't touch/hold... laminated picture cards for example.. which is a learning tool for his language dev, so we have delays there.

    Thx for sharing about your little one.