Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birthday Jumping Castle (sisters)

Well... his sister turned 4, and we finally had the Jumping Castle Party we have been talking about for 6 months.

*Note: Jumping, outdoors, trampolines, all these kind of things he just LOVES*

When the castle turned up, Daniel and Sarah where fascinated, watched every second, where almost on the castle before it finished inflating, and squealing with joy about every small thing that happened while the pump was going.

Jonathan looked at it and cried.

Then he squirmed to get out of Daddy's arms, ran inside and closed every door possible between him and that 'thing'.

We let him calm down, then I took him out and forced him on and made him do a few jumps (squirming and crying the whole way.) I let him go and he hightailed it indoors again, closing all the doors on the way... so I took him up for a bath.

After some water play and calming down, Daddy took him on... and then we couldn't get him off.

New things are scary for most of us... and the fear can often overtake to the point of the irrational (he's never closed so many doors in such quick succession) but I'm very proud of him for facing it, overcoming it and loving it... we are thinking of getting him one for his party next year now :)

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