Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Strange Hurts

Last Sunday at Church, he needed to go to the toilet before church started. Nothing unusual in this, he knows where the toilets are, he can toilet himself quite well now... so off he goes.

A few minutes later the cries of frustration start ringing out... so I head in to see whats wrong. He's standing at the bowl, but nothing is coming out... I'm not sure if he has allready done anything, but he is very distressed.

I went and got hubby to see if he could encourage him to go... a few minutes later I head back and nothing has still happened, and he is still standing there frustrated. Daddy has to do some things, so he heads out.

30 minutes later of sitting on the toilet floor next to my distressed crying son, I am thinking to myself... why do I bother going out, why bother trying to get to church, if I spend the time in the toilet there is no point in coming... WHY is my son Autistic?!?!?

There are moments of clarity I get about our situation. I've heard Autism called 'and invisible disability'... and they are right... I can't 'see' anything wrong with this child... yet there is so much 'wrong'. The brain synapses don't connect in the usual fashion, the world around him is a foreign and sometimes scary place, seemingly simple things can get out of control easily. Yet it is no-one's 'fault' not his, not ours.

It just is.

And yet, it is not the sole controlling factor of our lives... and I should not let it be in that place, even if on some days it seems as though it is.

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