Friday, September 1, 2006

Sleeptime Troubles

I don't know how many of you have troubles with getting your kids to get to sleep in the evenings.

As far as I know, most Autistic people either go to bed really late, or get up in the middle of the night and do stuff - just restlessness... I'm not quite sure why.

Jono used to have dance parties in his room from around 1am to 3am, in the house we are in now we have wooden floorboards.. so that makes things very interesting of itself... we also put a lock on the outside of his door, for safety. If he was up at 3, and went into the kitchen and accidentally put the stove or oven on, our house wouldn't burn down.

Anyways... he's grown out of the dance parties now, and just has trouble getting to sleep, most nights he doesn't crash till around 10pm or so, even tho he gets put in bed 7:30 ish. He's usually up around 7:30 am... so I really don't know how he is coping on so little sleep for his age.

Tonight, he got put in bed at the usual time... I checked on all the kids about 20 min later and both his brother and sister were snoring, but he was still pacing in his room. My hubby and I settled in to watch a movie, and when the movie finished I went up to check on the kids. Jono was not in his bed.. nor in his room... this was very unusual, so I started searching.

I didn't have to look far.. his brother was on a mattress on the floor tonight, and I found Jono on his brothers bed... and as his brother and sister share a room it was very sweet to see all 3 in the one room... awwwwww shucks :)
Now just to get him to actually get to sleep a little earlier ;)

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