Tuesday, January 13, 2009

He's a Computer GEEENIUS!!

Quoted from his brother Daniel.

This morning after the holidays and school holidays we are very much getting back into the mode of 'normal' routine and we were putting Daniel's iPod back onto his computer (after the earpieces had been borrowed for something else). Daniel had been storing his iPod and the charger for it in a board game that he had received as a birthday present for the holidays so he knew where it was easily.

We went to the boardgame and discovered Jono had found the game and set up the pieces and had been playing with it, and Daniel's iPod wasn't inside... so he started looking, on the floor, under the couch, move the furniture, lift the bean bag, shift the doonas, move the pillows... ok this is starting to get silly.

I was doing something else so I kept saying just give me a minute and I'll help you look, and he was getting frustrated. So I went over to help him look to no avail.

Just then Rob came in the room and asked what we were searching for, we told him and he said - oh it's over here on your computer Mum... and we looked, and so it was!

Jono has found it in the boardgame, taken the ipod and the charger to my computer, found a usb port, plugged the charger in, and put the iPod on it's dock so it could start charging. No... none of us have actually shown him this before he did it without any help. He 'IS' a computer genius!

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