Friday, January 9, 2009

I must be dreaming

I think I'm a little worried about how we are all going to go with going back to school this year, there are a few changes, they all go up a grade, Sarah goes to grade 1 so is in to proper school rather than prep, Jono has one teacher the same from last year, which is great, and we don't know where Daniel's new class is yet.

I was talking to a friend of mine near a park with a bbq, and she was starting to prepare Dinner, I suggested the bbq would be better to use than the stove in her house so we took the food out and started to get organised.. then I noticed it was getting dark and asked her what the time was... she said it was 6:30, and day care closes at 6:00... Panic Stations!! So I took off to go get the kids, when I got in the car I realised her watch was fast and it was 5 before 6, so I still had time.

Then I noticed I wasn't wearing my work clothes, but casual clothes... so if I hadn't worked, the kids wouldn't be in day care... so where were they? I went to the school grounds and found Daniel and Sarah together, not worried, just hanging out, I asked if they knew where Jono was, and he was in the school grounds playing. I asked him where his bag was and he went and got it... and they were all ok... I asked what they had been doing all day and they said they'd been playing and been to the shops. They weren't phased or worried at all.

Then I woke up... what a vivid dream!
What can I glean from this? Don't Worry, they are happy and will watch out for each other...?
Maybe, and maybe I should carry this lesson with me :P

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