Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We have the funniest brother in the world!!

Quoted from Daniel and Sarah.

Yesterday was my last day of holidays with the kids before I went back to work, so we got in to organising school books, clothes, shoes and etc. I had been through all their clothes and figured out what needed to go the day before and had 4 bags for the op-shop. Grandma was in town and rang asking if I'd like some help school book shopping... for some reason I thought this was a silly question... like some? I'd LOVE some! Anyways, I tried to sound fairly nonchalant over the phone but secured and extra pair of hands, arms, legs and eyes for the day.

So, we started by going to pick Grandma up, then went to the op-shop to drop off clothes, bought a few things we needed and a fair few we didn't then went to the shopping center. In shop number one we got most of a set of school books, socks, shorts and shoes for Sarah. I pulled out around 4 pairs for her to try on and we found one she liked that I was happy with the price of.

Jono then decided he wanted shoes... so he pulled out a pair of lovely pink girly sneakers from the aisle we were in and sat down to put them on. I talked him into a blue pair that only had tips of pink... but he wanted the size 3 (he's not quite a 1). I tried to get him over to the boys shoes but he didn't want anything to do with it, no he doesn't need help, no he doesn't want black shoes or white shoes, yes he wants these ones. I left the 3's on him and decided to do the quick swap at the checkouts, which entailed him taking off the 3's, putting them up to get paid for, and lo and behold after touching the checkout girls hands they became a size that would fit! or a better fit at least, and if I got them home and he never wore them again, at least Sarah had some shoes that she could grow in to.

After this we needed food, so wondered off for a drink. We all sat together and then I said I wanted a few quick things from the supermarket, and Jono could stay with Grandma. The other two came with me and we took off only to find Jono racing towards us down the aisles moments later with Grandma in tow. Ok, so he wanted to stay with me, no problems, got some groceries and headed out. So far, we had taken around 3 hours to get this much done.

I wanted to stop in a ladieswear shop to spend a gift card I had received for my birthday but felt the day was moving on. Grandma insisted we stop and I take advantage of the opportunity, so I did. I found a few things I liked and the assistants put them in the change rooms for me, then I went in to try them on. Daniel and Sarah were playing games around the curtains and the entry. Next thing we all know Jono is in the change room next to me taking off his shirt and placing it neatly on a hanger and hanging it on the hook on the wall, then he puts on this lovely tan top with holes cut into the top, and parades around the shop in it.

Daniel and Sarah couldn't contain themselves.. their brother was trying on girls clothes!! After quite a few giggles and "too big Jono"ses he took the shirt off. I had decided on what I wanted by now, so I was in luck, but Jono hadn't yet though. He didn't want his own shirt back on, found a stripey singlet top and went and put that on. Followed by more giggles and more "too big"s he took it off put his own shirt back on and we headed off.

Today's highlight? Jono trying on girls clothes in the fitting room of a ladieswear shop. At least he knew to go to the fitting room... and even tidied up after himself, now just to work on that at home!

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