Monday, February 2, 2009

When No, Means No!!.. and Yes.. and...

Lately Jono is expressing himself with the word No. He is using it all all kinds of situations.

Are you hungry? No! Put some food in front of him and he will eat
Do you want to go for a drive? No! Tell him to get his shoes on and get ready and he gets into the car happily.
Pass me the drink/remote/phone..etc. No! Then he will hand it over.

I 'think' he is just testing boundaries a little, but it's really hard to tell.. it's hard enough to tell with the other two! Ah well, as long as he eats, wears clothes in public and gets in the car when we need to get going, it's all good.

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  1. Yep . . currently everyhting seems to be "No' for Jono - at first. Reminds me of the TV program "Vicor of Dibley" and the old guy with a stutter who starts EVERY comment with "N . . . N . . . No . . No . . Yes !!" At least he says "Yes" in the end so you know what he means to say. I always think of him when I hear the ABBA song "Knowing me, knowing you". I remember him trying to sing it - "No .. no .. no .. no . . knowing me; no . . no . . no . . knowing you" . . I think it took a while to sing that one !! I have a chuckle when I hear Jono starting out with NO, when he might actually mean the opposite.