Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wait wait me coming drive!

Finally getting back into routine and last night Daniel and I headed out for ice skating. It's been around 3-4 months since we have been and we were looking forward to it. As we got dresssed and got the socks and shoes, Jono saw us and decided he wanted to come.
He went and got his shoes on then came into the front yard. After we came out the front he put his hand up to make us stand still then started pleading to come with us.
He HATES ice skating, or he did last time we tried, the room, the noise, the cold, it's all too much! So I had no problems saying no... But he didn't see it like I did. Rob came out the front and sat with him and tried to talk about him and Daddy would do something together.
So Daniel and I head out the gate to the car, and just after we open the doors we here him start crying... nothing too major, but he's obviously sad. We head off and have a great time, pretty much wore ourselves out. When we get back Rob told us it took Jono am hour to calm down, Rob hasn't seen him like that in a very, very long time!
In fact those kind of meltdowns happen only around once every 2-3 months now. Well do I remember the days when meltdowns were pretty much daily. It's kind of odd measuring progress by how often he gets upset, but I'm glad to see the progress happening. :)

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